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The below walkovers north of Micklers are marked as closed due to damages from Ian as well as Nicole. There is a contractor evaluating to draw up a quote for repairs.

  • 311/313
  • 321/323
  • 333/353
  • 519/521
  • 527/529
  • 541/543
Residents, Recently 4 bicycles have been stolen from PV beach access points. Bicycles left at beach access points should be secured with a lock while the owner is on the beach. Thank you!
The volunteers supporting the PATRIOTIC FLAG PROJECT are asking for your help.  
They have extended the beautiful American flags attached to the streetlights along Ponte Vedra Blvd and now along Corona and Solana Roads.  Volunteers put up these flags to beautify and show our support to our wonderful country on patriotic holidays.
The MSD is supporting the project but it  is largely funded by your donations.  Please consider sending your donation today to fund the flags and the poles to:
Patriotic Ponte Vedra

P O Box 242
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32004

Neighborhood Bill of Rights Change. Click here to read full notice -> NZVAR2022000008


The monthly meetings held on the second Monday of the month will now commence at 5:30pm at the Ponte Vedra Beach Branch Library.

JEA will be bringing in companies that we currently have contracts with to complete the work and will work with the bonding company afterwards.  

We engaged one of our landscaping companies (Aces) and utility contractor (TB Landmark) yesterday.

The landscaping restoration work started today. The will be repairing damaged irrigation systems and restoring the sod.

TB Landmark will have crews on site tomorrow doing work to get ready for the water main outage that is scheduled for Monday night.  

The only item that may cause us an issue is being able to get grout to abandon the lines. There are severe supply chain issues in the concrete industry. We looking at ways we can mitigate any potential delays on that item.

We are working to put together a schedule/timeframe that we can send out to everyone. But I assure you, we are pushing to get it done as fast as we can.

I greatly appreciate you and your community’s patience during this project.

PV Blvd Water lines and paving update from JEA.

Quick update:  We have exercised all the water valves for isolation so that  we can begin installing the vent tubes and capping next week after Easter.

This week should be sod restoration on the graded areas. The remaining meter boxes that are low and need backfill should also be done this week.

The plan is not to do too much disruptive work this week given that Easter is this Sunday. After Easter in addition to the installing the vent tubes, they should be tying in the Ocean House and the Surf Club.

Paving will occur once this is accomplished so we are looking at late May 2022.

-JEA Project Outreach

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Potential community-wide changes required to qualify for partial beach renourishment funding from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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