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Our yard waste pickup company, Republic Services, has been unable to hire sufficient yard waste pickup crews despite offering increased pay. As a temporary fix and until further notice, Republic will collect yard waste in the MSD every other week instead of weekly. The next scheduled pick up will be the week of August 16th on the usual days, Wednesday or Friday, depending on your location.

“Many thanks to John Celucci, PVMSD Trustee and Belk Ingram, PV Realtor and their committee for their efforts in organizing and implementing the lovely patriot flags project for our Memorial Day and July 4th Celebrations! These additional flags complement and extend the American flags put out by the PV Inn & Club & are a testament to our American pride in PV!”

SJC Public library system is returning to regular hours beginning on July 1st!


The St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved an approximately $34 million Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) dune enhancement project on Tuesday, June 15.
The project will focus on strengthening the coastline dunes in Ponte Vedra Beach, South Ponte Vedra Beach, and the southern three-quarters of a mile in Crescent Beach. The emergency dune enhancements will provide extra protection to homes, businesses, and infrastructure, and will be an added defense for our coastline against future storm events. The project is currently in the permitting phase, with work anticipated to begin in September and completed in December. Due to the volume of sand authorized by FEMA, trucking has been identified as the only viable construction option. There may be intermittent beach closures within designated work areas due to sand placement, tidal conditions, and other public safety-related factors.
Residents and visitors can expect to see project preparations beginning in July. St. Johns County is currently accepting voluntary temporary easements from property owners in the approved project areas who wish to participate in receiving additional dune protection. Easements will be accepted throughout the project, as long as the request is made within two weeks of the project reaching the property related to that particular easement. The deadline to rescind easements is July 1.
A portion of Cornerstone Park in Ponte Vedra will be used as a staging area for the project. This project will also utilize access points at Mickler’s Landing Beachfront Park and other suitable private lots. Access to Mickler’s Landing Beachfront Park will be restricted for beach visitors Monday through Friday. A portion of the parking lot and the beach walkway will remain open on weekends. All project areas will be continually monitored for protected species and environmental impact. For additional information, please, email, or call 904.209.0260.

Proposed New Public Beach Access & Parking Options

St. Johns County will be hosting a public meeting soon to discuss potential community-wide changes required to qualify for partial beach renourishment funding from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  A preliminary study has identified the following items as potential changes within the Ponte Vedra Beach MSD to meet the Corp of Engineers’ criteria for potential Federal funding:

  • Public Shuttle/Bus Service to Existing and New Beach Access Points
  • Acquisition of Private Property for New Public Parking and Beach Access Points
  • Identification of Public Rights-of-Way for Designated Public Parking Spaces


The MSD Trustees discussed the preliminary study at the May 10th public meeting and passed a resolution in opposition of the community changes without broad community involvement.  The MSD supports beach renourishment and beach access but cannot support permanent changes of this scale without the awareness and support of residents related to the costs and benefits to the community.  St. Johns County and the MSD will provide public notice for the time and location for the upcoming public meeting. 

The above referenced study documents and the MSD letter can be found in the link below.  Inquires for additional information can me made with Damon Douglas, Coastal Manager with St. Johns County (

Road Closure Notices and Detour Plans

2021 Sea Turtle Nesting Season Begins in May

St. Johns County, Fl – The beaches of St. Johns County are home to several species of endangered or threatened sea turtles. Residents and visitors have a special opportunity and responsibility to protect these magnificent creatures and their vulnerable nesting sites as they return each season to nest along the beaches. Sea turtle nesting season begins May 1, and St. Johns County officials are asking residents, visitors, and businesses to help protect natural habitat by observing all nesting season laws and regulations. All beachfront properties are required to reduce their impact by eliminating interior and exterior lights which may disrupt nesting sea turtles. Volleyball court lights at St. Johns County Pier Park will turn on at sunset and turn off at 9 p.m. during this time. Beach visitors can also have a positive impact on nesting sea turtles by taking the following actions while enjoying the beach:

Potential community-wide changes required to qualify for partial beach renourishment funding from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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