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Mr. Steve Diebenow has informed me that he will no longer be pursuing Amendments to the Ponte Vedra Zoning Regulations.
I would like to say a quick thanks to all the members who attended the community meeting this week. I greatly appreciate your presence and assistance; you all were a big help!
Jacob F. Smith

11/3/2021  Zoning Workshop

Mr Diebenow, Land Use Attorney, is proposing changes  to the PV Zoning Code and will be presenting these changes to the County Commissioners.

A summary of the proposed changes are as follows:

  1. no Building shall exceed two (2) three (3) Stories in height, with a maximum Building Height of thirty-five (35) feet. 
  2. Roofs and eaves,and porches, verandas, balconies, bay windows and steps that do not exceed 25% of the linear frontage of the Wall of the main Building, shall not extend more than three (3) three feet beyond any Building Restriction Line in the R-1-A and R-1-B
  3. In the R-1-A and R-1-B Zoning Districts in the Ponte Vedra Overlay District, Fences may be placed in the Side Yard with a maximum height of six (6) feet, only within ten (10) feet of the main Building, and may extend into required yards for a maximum of ten (10) feet past the main Building Walls  
  4. Flat roof lines, or the appearance of flat roof lines are not preferredand shall be subject to review by the Architectural Review Board.
  5. Architectural grade shingles, metal standing seam, tile or other non-reflectiveroof materials with similar nature-blending texture and appearance shall be considered appropriate.
  6. Zoned Lots on Ponte Vedra Boulevardwithin the Ponte Vedra Zoning District may be permitted two driveway connections. Driveways shall follow the design and spacing standards in Section 6.04.05.C.1 of the St. Johns County Land Development Code.

People at the Zoning Workshop stated that our roads and schools are overcrowded, police department overwhelmed (as stated by Sheriff’s Directors that they do not have enough staff to meet the County’s growing needs), Planning Department understaffed and transportation basically at a standstill during rush hours.  

Three story buildings in PVB will change the look and feel of our neighborhoods as do increasing building area, purportedly 3 feet but actually in all directions making buildings much closer to one another.   Some BRLs are only 7.5 feet and this would bring them 3 feet closer. Additionally, higher fences (“neighbor haters”) are unsightly, divide people and properties and take away from the neighborly feel of our area.  Flat roofs allow taller buildings, perhaps to accommodate the three stories or even larger homes up to the 35 foot max which will probably be the next accommodation requested by land use attorneys and developers. There are many shingles choices available that fit nicely with the existing neighborhood and do not need code changes.

There are already mechanisms in the PVB Zoning Code to address two driveway connections and going through a planning board makes sure that other contingencies are addressed, such as badly needed sidewalks.

SJC Public library system is returning to regular hours beginning on July 1st!

Proposed New Public Beach Access & Parking Options

St. Johns County will be hosting a public meeting soon to discuss potential community-wide changes required to qualify for partial beach renourishment funding from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  A preliminary study has identified the following items as potential changes within the Ponte Vedra Beach MSD to meet the Corp of Engineers’ criteria for potential Federal funding:

  • Public Shuttle/Bus Service to Existing and New Beach Access Points
  • Acquisition of Private Property for New Public Parking and Beach Access Points
  • Identification of Public Rights-of-Way for Designated Public Parking Spaces


The MSD Trustees discussed the preliminary study at the May 10th public meeting and passed a resolution in opposition of the community changes without broad community involvement.  The MSD supports beach renourishment and beach access but cannot support permanent changes of this scale without the awareness and support of residents related to the costs and benefits to the community.  St. Johns County and the MSD will provide public notice for the time and location for the upcoming public meeting. 

The above referenced study documents and the MSD letter can be found in the link below.  Inquires for additional information can me made with Damon Douglas, Coastal Manager with St. Johns County (

Potential community-wide changes required to qualify for partial beach renourishment funding from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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